Virtual Reality Training

AVATAR ACADEMY ™ is a professional virtual reality training platform for high-value manufacturing. It empowers companies to conduct training modules with people across the world.

The platform provides custom training modules built on our proprietary technology, that achieve and sustain the exceptionally high standards in terms of product design, production and tests required at industry level.

Detailed instructions can be overlaid in the Virtual Reality experience, informing the trainee on the correct procedural steps or, alternatively, the trainer’s avatar can join the trainee in the virtual space. Additional options under development include: biometric login, custom avatars, multi- user capability and analytical tools for any of the data generated.

Advances in technology are driving demand for more training resources and Mersus’ virtual training scenarios allow for changes to be facilitated when required. The ability to seamlessly tweak the software in line with changes in legislation, then redistribute, has huge value for global organisations.

What is Virtual Reality Training?

Virtual Reality training is an interactive and immersive teaching method that employs technology to provide virtual scenarios to simulate situations that might occur in actual settings. It simulates ‘on-the-job’ style training in a safe, controlled and forgiving environment, reducing any risk involved for the user.

Using Virtual Reality training, companies can streamline their training process, making it more cost effective, as well as ensuring consistency. In the highly sophisticated and regulated Biopharma manufacturing environment, Virtual Reality training is beginning to be recognised as the preferred solution for delivering effective technical training in diverse product applications across multiple global manufacturing sites.

We want to make the experience of the training and application of our products as smooth as possible. Virtual Reality Training is an enabler to show how it should be done both safely and efficiently”.
Mark Simmons

CEO, Camfil

Industry Adaptation
Evolution of VR
Virtual Reality has had a long and extensive history dating back to 1968 when the first head mounted display was created. Virtual Reality in the early days was cumbersome and lacked the computing power to achieve it’s lofty vision.
Going mainstream
Technology has evolved since, with the early 2010’s bringing the evolutionary Oculus Rift to the public domain. Since then, Virtual Reality has hit the mainstream with hundreds of companies working on their own VR headsets, including HTC, Google, Amazon, Sony, Samsung and others.
Shift to industry
Virtual Reality is being adapted to Industry for training staff. Volkswagen is paving the way for the automotive industry, having trained 10,000 employees in 2018. The same year, Walmart purchased 17,000 Oculus Go headsets to help improve staff/customer relationships. Virtual Reality Training ensures the customer experience does not suffer during training.
Stamp of approval
At the 2019, Oculus Connect 6 event, Sandra Humbles, VP of Global Education at the Johnson & Johnson Institute stated that studies conducted concluded that 83% of operators who train using Virtual Reality completed surgery in a lab environment with minimal guidance. 0% who trained using traditional methods completed the same surgery.
What we can expect
According to ABI Research, the enterprise Virtual Reality (VR) training market will generate US$216 million in 2018 and grow to US$6.3 billion in 2022.

What our clients say

Aoife Barron
Senior Bioprocessing Trainer

NIBRT worked very closely with Mersus in building a hugely valuable Virtual Reality training simulation of a complex manual process performed in the biopharmaceutical industry. We found Mersus to be highly efficient and thorough.Mersus colleagues remained in frequent contact with us to track progress and to ensure our needs were met, all the while completing the project within a very short timeframe. We would highly recommend the team at Mersus in creating a VR application. Their knowledge of the technology is first class and they are on board to give assistance every step of the way.

Cathal Limerick
Cathal Murtagh

As an Industry 4.0 leader, I believe VR training will become the norm across all industries due to cost, convenience and AI grading of trainees for different task complexity. We are currently building an LMS (learning management system) using Mersus technologies as our VR specialists. If you want to be the best you got to work with the best that’s why we partner with Mersus Technologies.

Carl Murphy
Project Manager

Avatar Academy have enabled Siemens to engage our customers globally from Dublin through the development of a virtual sales environment. This has greatly increased the efficiency of our sales activities across Europe. The multi-user environment developed by AA allows our customers to join us for an immersive overview of our services regardless of their geographic location. The AA Team in Athlone were actively engaged in understanding our requirements throughout the development process.

David Cruise
Marketing Manager

What made AA stand out from everybody else was that they were artists first. It wasn’t about what they could do, it was the imagination behind it. The future for Camfil marketing is what AA provide.

Geoffrey Allen
Business Development

Geoffrey is focused on helping businesses evolve through innovative technologies. His life-long passion for film and conventional art culminated with a Masters from the Huston School of Film where the concept for Mersus Technologies was formed.