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Award Winning Platform

Avatar Academy digitises medtech and biopharma processes in Virtual Reality, allowing you to enter a fully interactive ‘virtual’ laboratory, complete with any virtual tools required for your training. 

Avatar Academy facilitates risk-free, scalable training without the need to halt production lines. Our Platform is tailored to effectively analyse training performance and ensure improved knowledge retention. 

Why Immersive?


Slash training times, material wastage and costs associated with professional development 


Standardised delivery of training material, consistent with training requirements


Repeat training procedures as much as needed, limited only by headsets


Track trainee proficiency & retention through gamified tools & procedures

Training Reimagined

Avatar Academy Platform

Customers report dramatic reductions in training time, wastage and lost production time using the Avatar Academy Platform.

Trainee Experience
  • Authentic environments
  • Accurate, intuitive interactions
  • Graphics assisted learning
  • Assessment and feedback
Trainer Tools
  • Training Management
  • Progress Tracking
  • Leaderboards
  • Reporting
When I went back, I’d already absorbed so much, unbeknownst to myself, so that when I tried a second time, I was pacing through it much faster.
-Peter Davitt, CEO, FIT
Their knowledge of the technology is first class and they are on board to give assistance every step of the way.
-Aoife Barron, Senior Bioprocessing Trainer, NIBRT

Transform your training

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