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Why Immersive?

Traditional learning in a classroom or on a computer screen is built around a lecture. The trainee watches and listens passively with the hopes of retaining the information presented. 

But what if we could do more? What if – instead of sitting our trainees down to watch and listen, we could give them the tools to do – to move and interact

And what if we could do all of that without putting expensive gear and even the safety of your trainees at risk?

the forgetting curve image showing 90% of a training course is forgotten after a month


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87% of learning is still
done through classroom
learning. The average
attention span for adults is
7 to 10 minutes

Online Training

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Online training is far from
being as addictive as
Netflix TV shows! The
completion rate for online
courses is 15%

Training Time

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Employees say they can
dedicate only 1% of their
work hours towards
Learning & Development

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Avoid wasted material, training overhead

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Standardised delivery of training material

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Global distribution of training content

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Track trainee proficiency

Learning by practicing and repeating:
75-90% knowledge retention

75-90% knowledge retention through practice and repeation: benefits of immersive learning

Why Immersive?

AVATAR ACADEMY ™ is a learning experience platform for high-value manufacturing. The platform provides custom training modules, able to simulate workspaces and conditions trainees will encounter on the job. Detailed instructions can be overlaid in the VR experience, or the trainer’s avatar can join the trainee in the virtual space. Detailed analytics provide crucial information on the training’s progress

We reproduce real-world environments and equipment, providing an immersive, intuitive learning experience, where processes learned can be directly applied to the work environment. Good user experiences are essential for trainees to adapt to the immersive experience and allow them to focus on the learning. We provide a controllerless option, where trainees can use their hands as the controller, removing one more barrier between training and application.

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FIT Virtual Academy

Advanced Manufacturing Training delivered virtually in cooperation with national education and training bodies.

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NIBRT Virtual Training

National Institute for Bioprocessing
Research and Training (NIBRT) and Boston
Consulting Group worked with Avatar
Academy to develop training material for a
complex manual process in a realistically
simulated cleanroom environment.

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The Camfil Experience

The team were approached by Camfil, a
Swedish Multinational to develop an
immersive experience that would allow their
customers to visualise their products in real
world scenarios. The experience was deployed
to Camfil's sales teams across the world.

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Siemens OEE Virtual

Siemens worked with Avatar Academy to
develop a multiuser immersive experience
that would visualise what Siemens
software does for industry.

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When I went back, I’d already absorbed so much, unbeknownst to myself, so that when I tried a second time, I was pacing through it much faster.
-Peter Davitt, CEO, FIT
Their knowledge of the technology is first class and they are on board to give assistance every step of the way.
-Aoife Barron, Senior Bioprocessing Trainer, NIBRT

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