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Unlocking Training Excellence: Leveraging Training Metrics with AVATAR ACADEMY VR PLATFORM

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As we explore the capabilities of the AVATAR ACADEMY™  VR platform, we move beyond the immersive world of VR to unveil the transformative potential of our comprehensive system. Here, we delve into the power of industry training metrics that set us apart and empower our clients. With user-friendly dashboards designed for Administrators,Trainers and Trainees, we provide a holistic view of training progress and performance, fostering a collaborative and informed training environment, focused on industry training metrics.

Here’s how AVATAR ACADEMY™  VR platform is revolutionising the training landscape with industry training metrics:

Training Metrics

AVATAR ACADEMY™  VR platform captures training metrics that precisely quantify how well trainees perform a designated task. This goes way beyond traditional training data and provides real, actionable insights into trainee proficiency over time.

Comprehensive Record-Keeping

One of the standout features is the platform’s ability to build a detailed history of trainee activity. This comprehensive record-keeping reveals unprecedented insights and can be  invaluable to HR departments. Automated report e-mails keep Trainers updated on each Trainee’s progress and also guarantee that the training events align with regulatory compliance standards. By using AVATAR ACADEMY™ , you can track every step of every trainee’s journey.

Customisable Monitoring

We understand that each client’s needs are unique. That’s why our AVATAR ACADEMY™  VR platform offers training monitoring options that can be configured to suit your specific needs. You can determine what you want to track in terms of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that align specifically to your industry’s certain requirements. It’s training tailored to you.

Immersive Feedback

With our state-of-the-art VR technology, clients can receive real-time, immersive feedback on trainee performance. This means instant adjustments and improvements are possible, leading to more efficient and effective training outcomes.

Using the AVATAR ACADEMY™  VR platform, clients can assess the actions of the trainee in real-time by logging in to a Web portal where the captured data is presented in an easy to understand dashboard that measures whatever the preferred KPIs are. This allows eyes on the pulse of what is happening and also facilitates instant adjustments and improvements when required. The upside of this will lead to far more efficiency and effectiveness in terms of training outcomes.

Progress Tracking

Over time, our AVATAR ACADEMY™  VR platform can build an individual’s profile, then tracks their progress while customising each trainee’s development along their journey. Highlighting  their success while offering early intervention where further training might be needed. Again, helping your organisation to fine-tune the wider training strategy.

Engagement Analytics

Engagement is key to effective training. Our AVATAR ACADEMY™  VR platform doesn’t just capture performance; it also encourages trainee engagement and keeps them focused. These engagement metrics are crucial for refining training methods to keep trainees motivated and involved. A key factor for successful training outcomes. 

Certification and Compliance Tracking

In sectors where regulatory or safety training is vital, and where documentation of completed training is a necessity, AVATAR ACADEMY™  VR Platform shines. It offers automated certification on completion of the task while tracking any necessary compliance. This is unparalleled in any situation where the organisation is required to meet industry standards and regulations are actively enforced. 

These are all examples of the metrics that trainees and managers can all track through the AVATAR ACADEMY™  VR platform.  Mersus Technologies work with companies to calibrate their Companies profile on the platform so that captured data is relevant for them and the industry they operate in. Customisation of the dashboard elements keeps track of your company’s training and achievements, and trainees have access to leaderboards to foster a sense of healthy competition and gamification.  

A graph from the Avatar Academy dashboard showing training usage

The ability to empower data-driven decision-making within the AVATAR ACADEMY™  VR platform  is significant for industry as it provides insights on how to focus resources efficiently, develop relevant content, and enhance course materials. Informed decisions around Return on Investment (ROI) help ensure that resources are deployed to where they will have the most impact. Overall training outcomes are maximised, resulting in an overall competitive edge and achieving your training and organisational goals.

Industry training metrics are not a vague concept, they are quantitative and our technology can capture this data into precise metrics for your organisation. In turn these figures will become the cornerstone for a successful training strategy. AVATAR ACADEMY™  VR platform provides you with the tools and insights needed to optimise your training practices, enhance compliance, and drive real business impact. Start your data-driven training journey with us today to unlock unparalleled training excellence in your industry. With AVATAR ACADEMY™  VR platform, industry training metrics are not just words; they’re the key to your success.

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