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Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Learning with Avatar Academy

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Continuous learning is the concept of always expanding your knowledge to gain new skills and expertise.  Having a continuous learning culture is of huge benefit to any organisation, and in this blog we are going to discuss the concept of a VR learning culture.  

For businesses, continuous learning is about encouraging employees to steadily learn by providing them with the tools that facilitate this learning.

At Mersus, we have a team, driven by curiosity and the love of learning.  We believe the vr learning platform we have built – Avatar Academy – can form the backbone of a company’s efforts to ensure that continuous learning as a culture is embedded into their organisation.  In this blog we will be exploring how VR training and analytics, and in particular Avatar Academy, supports a culture of continuous learning.  

The Importance of Continuous Learning Culture in Organisations

Establishing a continuous learning culture within an organisation signifies an investment in both its present and future, nurturing adaptability, securing a competitive edge, and amplifying employee satisfaction and loyalty.

When continuous learning is made a cornerstone of a company’s practise it has a direct impact on employee productivity and organisational outcomes. According to a report by LinkedIn Learning, 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development.

“94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development”. -LinkedIn Learning

Furthermore, the Work Institute’s 2019 Retention Report revealed that career development, or a lack thereof, is a principal reason employees leave jobs. When we extrapolate this to an organisational level, investing in a sustained learning culture is not just an investment in the individual capacities of employees but a strategic deployment of resources to enhance organisational stability and longevity.

Delving into the realm of financial implications, the Association for Talent Development (ATD) highlighted that companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218% higher income per employee than companies without formalised training. But the quest for learning isn’t just about financial gain; it’s about fostering an environment where innovation, curiosity, and a genuine zeal for knowledge are intrinsic to the organisational culture.

Embracing a VR learning culture, particularly through platforms like Avatar Academy, does not merely facilitate continuous learning but intertwines it with the daily operations of organisations. It seamlessly marries the pursuit of knowledge with the practical application of it, ensuring that the learning is not siloed but is immediately applicable, thereby elevating both the individual and organisational efficacy.  We at Mersus have seen that training on the Avatar Academy platform provides learners with a self-paced, intuitive training that can be revisited whenever necessary.  VR training can be accessed anywhere there is a wifi signal, and the Avatar Academy platform holds a profile for each learner, so that trainers and employees always have access to their records, making it easy to see when retaining is required or decide what skills to add next.   

Further on, we will explore how Avatar Academy plays a pivotal role in not only presenting continuous learning opportunities but in instilling a culture that is responsive and adaptive to evolving conditions. 

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The Role of VR in Continuous Learning

Enabling a thriving, continuous learning culture is significantly enhanced by the immersive and transformative experiences crafted through Virtual Reality. 

The compelling immersive environments engineered by VR technologies, such as those provided by Avatar Academy, serve as catalysts for maintaining an engaging and enriching VR learning culture. Employees are not just learning; they are experiencing, doing, and practising in a virtual space that mirrors real-world scenarios. This experiential learning solidifies knowledge and skill acquisition, ensuring that learning transitions smoothly from the virtual world to practical application in the workplace.

Convenience is another pivotal advantage of VR in establishing continuous learning. Avatar Academy, with its uncomplicated access and user-friendly interface, ensures that training isn’t confined to a classroom or bound by timetables. Employees can engage with learning materials at their pace, revisiting modules whenever refresher knowledge is desired, and ensuring that learning happens in a timely, relevant manner. 

The accessibility of VR training promotes regular engagement. With learning modules available anytime and anywhere, employees can seamlessly integrate learning into their routines, making continuous learning not an imposed obligation, but a naturally occurring practice. This perpetuates a learning culture where skills and knowledge are constantly honed and updated, aligning precisely with the dynamic and ever-evolving demands of the industry.

A graph showing how the continuous learning model impacts company culture

Avatar Academy as a Catalyst for Continuous Learning

Simplicity and effectiveness in learning solutions – this is the core of Avatar Academy. Bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills, it positions itself as a pivotal tool in propagating a continuous learning culture in organisations. 

Avatar Academy can be tailored to the needs of any industry.  Consider manufacturing firms who must keep continually abreast of ever-evolving machinery operations and safety protocols. Traditional training pathways not only present a logistical nightmare but are also frequently perceived as monotonous and boring by the participants.

Avatar Academy can enable a radical shift to a VR-infused learning model. Technicians can now interact with machinery operations in a risk-free virtual world, allowing them not just to learn but to “do.” This virtual mentor is available round the clock, enabling them to revisit modules at will, whether to refresh their knowledge or get acquainted with new updates. Integrated analytics allow training coordinators to identify and hone in on areas that might require additional focus, thereby ensuring that learning is always precise, timely, and highly relevant.

In this scenario, Avatar Academy transitions from being merely a training tool to an ever-accessible virtual mentor for every technician, embedding learning that is not only continuous but also inherently woven into their daily operations. Thus, continuous learning does not perch as an additional chore but emerges as a seamless, intrinsic aspect of their everyday professional life.

Overcoming Challenges in Implementing Continuous Learning Culture with VR

Incorporating novel technologies like VR into the learning framework can sometimes meet with resistance, especially from individuals who may find themselves on unfamiliar ground with such advancements. Hesitations, often rooted in misconceptions about the complexity or usability of VR technology, might hinder the seamless integration of a platform like Avatar Academy into the daily grind of an organisation.

Furthermore, sustaining consistent engagement with the learning platform poses its own set of hurdles. How does one ensure that the use of the platform transitions from being a novel experience to becoming a habitual, intrinsic part of an employee’s routine and professional development?

Avatar Academy rises to these challenges with its inherently intuitive design and ease of use, substantially reducing the learning curve and allowing users from varied technological backgrounds to engage with the platform with minimal friction.  The fact that all Avatar Academy experiences use hand tracking technology, negating the need for users learning to use controllers, makes adoption of the technology easy and intuitive.  The environment it creates isn’t just a training module but an immersive learning experience that naturally entices engagement through its interactive and relatable scenarios. The experiences are crafted not merely as learning modules but as interesting, engaging scenarios that workers can directly relate to their daily tasks, thereby increasing relevance and ensuring that learning is directly translatable to their roles.

Addressing the challenge of consistent engagement, Avatar Academy doesn’t just offer training but provides an interactive and immersive experience, subtly transforming learning from a mandated task to an engaging exploration. Furthermore, its accessible analytics allow managers and learners alike to track progress, ensuring that learning and development are not just continuous but are also visibly and measurably progressing. This visible path of progression serves as a motivation, while also providing valuable insights into areas requiring further attention or adaptation in the learning modules.

Embracing VR and Avatar Academy thus becomes not just a step toward continuous learning but a leap towards establishing a vibrant, immersive learning culture. This culture, perpetuated by the vivid, relatable experiences created within the virtual world, ensures that learning is not a periodic event but an ongoing journey, seamlessly interwoven with the daily tasks and responsibilities of every employee. 

Moving forward, we’ll explore how the very fabric of Avatar Academy is woven with the threads of continuous learning, and how its manifold features not only support but elevate a persistent culture of learning and development within organisations. 

Case Study: Streamlining Complex Training for a global medical device company

A leading medical device company faced a dilemma: how to effectively train staff on a complex chemical process without hampering production lines or incurring high costs and risks from lab-based training. The solution was found in a collaboration with Mersus Technologies, leveraging their Avatar Academy Learning Experience Platform.

Avatar Academy enabled the creation of a digital twin of the company’s lab, allowing trainees to immerse themselves in the chemical process safely and without the constraints of physical presence. The VR training program, divided into concise, easy-to-follow modules, provided flexibility, enabling trainees to navigate through sections as per their specific needs, supported by both voice and written instructions.

The results? A revolutionary shift in training efficacy and resource utilisation. Avatar Academy enabled the delivery of crucial, high-value training efficiently, ensuring no disruption to production lines and eliminating the need for physical presence in the lab. It transformed a process that would traditionally span several weeks into one that could be conducted several times in a single day, fundamentally changing the approach and outcomes of staff training.

This real-world example showcases how integrating Avatar Academy into training strategies seamlessly aligns with a sustainable continuous learning culture. By turning complex lab processes into clear, digital modules, employees can quickly gain needed skills and also revisit the training whenever they need a refresher.

Avatar Academy acts as a constant knowledge resource for employees. If they face issues during the actual chemical process or just want to revisit a section to refresh their understanding, the training is always available. This approach moves beyond traditional training by ensuring that learning isn’t a one-time event but a persistent resource.

Through VR, learning becomes a constant, always-accessible tool, bolstering an organisational culture that values and enables ongoing learning and development. Learning becomes not just a periodic need but an ever-present resource, naturally fostering a workplace where continuous skill and knowledge development are integrated into the daily workings of the organisation.

Looking to the Future

Industries are continually evolving, so a steadfast commitment to cultivating a VR learning culture is not just strategic – it’s vital. Avatar Academy is ready to support organisations on this journey, embodying a future where learning is as dynamic as the technologies and methodologies it seeks to impart.

Cementing a continuous learning culture, especially via virtual reality platforms like Avatar Academy, is not a mere trend but an organisational imperative. It’s a multifaceted approach that blends the acquisition of knowledge and skill with the convenience and practicality of modern technology, ensuring that learning is not just ongoing but is rooted, relevant, and resonant with real-world applications.

At Mersus, we envision a future where every individual can access the knowledge they need, right when they need it. A future where learning is not bound by physical limitations and is as continuous as the world around us. It’s time to elevate your organisational learning. Dive into a world where education meets technology, ensuring that your team not only stays ahead but thrives in a culture of perpetual growth and development. Begin your journey with Avatar Academy and redefine what’s possible in continuous learning.

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