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White Avatar Academy Logo

Our goal is to create high value jobs
by helping Irish business
compete globally.

Meet the Team

Geoffrey Allen

Business Development
Back in 1988 Geoffrey started his career in
digital media. His life-long passion for film and
conventional art culminated with a Masters from
the Huston School of Film where the concept
for Mersus Technologies was formed.

Dermot Condron

Head of Development
Co-founding Mersus Technologies, Dermot
heads up the production team. He has a
passion for editing and he looks to utilise
current and emerging technologies to best
facilitate their clients needs.

Brenda Mannion

Head of Operations
Experienced Operations Manager with a
demonstrated history of working in industry.
Skilled in Customer Service, Management,
Strategic Planning, Business Development, and
Business Strategy for 20 plus years.

Tierna Lawless

Senior Immersive Developer
Tierna has studied games development for 5
years with a specialty in multiplayer VR
experiences. Adept at code, he is fluent in a
range of programming languages as well as
interfacing with animation and 3D modelling.

Suriya Swami

Senior Immersive Developer
Suriya is an XR enthusiast and is passionate
about AR and its potential. Being a Software
Engineer he is adept to a wide range of
technologies and programming languages.
Interested in all-inclusive Industry 4.0 systems.

Polly Wong

R&D ManagerWith more than 20 years experiences in aligning product and business development processes across China, Hong Kong, USA and UK, Polly oversees the design of the Avatar Academy platform, which includes the addition of new features.

Ian Chan

Business Architect Ian is actively involved in collaborating with the team to design both the VR platform architecture, and the transition to the SaaS business model.

Darren Earle

Scrum MasterDarren brings passion and pragmatic experience for enabling the delivery of successful projects. Combining considerable coordination and coaching capabilities are his core competencies.

Henry Gaudet

Project Owner
Henry’s background covers everything from
creative works to training, caring and even aerial
reconnaissance, experience and versatility he
brings to every project. He is fascinated with the
potential of new media and technology.

Leon Harney

Immersive Developer
A graduate from AIT with a degree in Software
Design: game dev. Leon loves to learn new
things and is always looking expand his
programming knowledge, with a passionate
interest in all things sport.

Shail Nimishkumar Shah

Immersive Developer
A graduate from Trinity College Dublin in
Computer Science. He has a keen interest in
learning and building immersive applications
with his creative imagination and has prior
experience working as a software developer.

Bernard O’Connell

Immersive  Developer
Bernard believes XR technologies are on the
verge of a paradigm shift, and he wants to play a
part. He has an MSc in UI/UX, a BA in Computer
Science & Philosophy, and has previously
worked in virtual reality and game development.

Jordan Murphy

Immersive DeveloperJordan is a graduate from L.I.T Clonmel in
Game Art & Design with a specialisation in AR
and VR. He primarily focuses on the technical
side of development but he also has skills in
3D Modelling, texturing and animation.


Software DeveloperComing from a distributed technological background, Palak loves to be in the Immersive world. With prior experience developing VR simulators, she is currently working as a Software Developer to bridge the real and immersive worlds through data and analytics.

Simon Lesne

Junior Immersive Developer
In professional reconversion after 10 years
working in hospitality. Interest in new
technologies and a love for coding and
programming languages. Passionate about
music, game design, social sciences and more.

Cillian Corr

Junior Creative Developer
A recent Design – Games & Animation Graduate
from GMIT. He enjoys creating an immersive
experience that evokes an emotional response
from the user. He has a Passion for Games,
Storytelling & 3D Modelling.

Warren Boyle

Junior Creative DeveloperWarren is an animation and games design
graduate from GMIT. He is interested in
illustration and animation. He hopes to
improve his 3d modeling skills and improve
his texturing skills.

Fiona Moran

Concept Artist/ Administive assistantFiona is an illustrator and concept artist. She loves to visualise VR environments in 2D and 3D.  She also supports the team with some admin tasks.  In her spare time she is illustrating children’s books and improving her 3D modelling.

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Transforming training through
the use of immersive learning,
delivering return on investment.

AA is an Oculus ISV Partner


Suite 14, Inish Carraig Business

Centre, Golden Island, Athlone,

Co. Westmeath, Ireland

N37 ET67

CRO: 624394

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