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Work Experiences in Mersus Technologies

Students on work placement

As a student I would say it is great to see a company giving students the opportunity to work with a team like Mersus Technologies. It is not easy to find internships in a small town like Athlone. Since we have been restricted by COVID, it has been even harder to find placements, without being able to meet employers face to face.

Sometimes you need to meet to find out what a person (or company) is really like. I hope the restrictions will be over and people will have more freedom soon. Mersus Technologies are providing everything that interns need, trying to find solutions for every issue and problem. And it’s not only software or hardware that a student needs – the management team was so professional and friendly, welcoming me into the team.

The office environment is comfortable, which helps with the development process, and encourages productivity. Also I would like to mention that daily meetings are very important to the work in Mersus Technologies, and help everyone to work well as a team, and give colleagues help when needed.

“It’s so much easier to suggest solutions when you don’t know too much about the problem.”

Malcolm Forbes

Doing my internship in Mersus Technologies has been great for gaining knowledge not only in coding the software but getting involved in the design of objects for Virtual Reality projects.

The look of these objects and how they interact in the scene is important to creating convincing virtual worlds . The team work together to solve problems that arise. Testing the apps together is another very important step before  releasing the product to the market.

Testing and giving feedback is well organised, and the team log errors, bugs, ideas, feedback every day. Commenting on the tested project is helpful for projects in the future, and all the knowledge gained can be carried into new projects.

“Thumbs up for Mersus Technologies!”

-Andris Orna